How can I mark a discussion as read?

Let’s say that a discussion has 40 messages. I don’t want to read them, but be notified when new messages are sent. In an email client, it’s: right click, mark the thread as read (or select all: mark as read). How can I do that in Discourse?

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You mean like

If I go to I see a “Dismiss…” button which proposes to mark all unread discussions as read. Ok. But I don’t want to mark all of them as read, only a few :frowning: I guess that this button is better than nothing.

Note for myself: bookmark is the current workaround to “mark a discussion as unread”. Howto mark a topic as unread?

But bookmarks are hidden by default!? I had to use the “secret” keyboard shortcut “g” and “b” to Go to Bookmarks…

Open the topic and quickly scroll down to the last message, wait 10 seconds; then move away from the page.

I did that but it’s super inefficient when I want to mark like 20 discussions as read…

BT,DT, and I think this is by design, so people don’t start rambling or spamming while ignoring other people’s opinions.

Way back then there was very little spam because everything cost bucks for the minute. Now it costs something much more valuable: time.

Well, my email client doesn’t have this issue. It sounds annoying to me. Sometimes, I just want to read a discussion without posting.

IMO this is a classic issue with “opinionated” designs - they are great if you’re in tune with the opinions embodied in the design, but really difficult to deal with if you have a different approach/viewpoint/use case.

I don’t dislike Discourse, but where my needs don’t match what it wants to provide to me, it sucks really hard.


Same here :slight_smile: