How can I post a question with a piece of animation on the forum?

If I want to post a question with an animation to explain my problem, what should I do?

Should I upload a GIF image, or upload video to a video website and post the link, or upload an attachment?
If I need to use a video website, which website should I need to use?

Test for gif:

If the animation is short, a GIF seems to be fine.

I don’t know whether Discuss allows you to upload short videos (mp4 format?). If they do, I suppose that is also a good option.

Otherwise you could post your video to Youtube, Imgur, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or Rumble. You probably shouldn’t expect people to watch a ten minute video to understand your question, or any site where they have to log in to watch it, so that rules out Facebook.

The GIF approach seems fine as long as you crop the recording window to allow the characters to be as large as possible. The text in your example is pretty small, so I wouldn’t advise any smaller.

Even short videos are going to be very large files, so are probably not a good choice.

In my experience, converting a captured video clip of desktop to a gif animation with the same size and the same fps, will typically become x2 ~ x3 larger than the original mp4 file.
(I only tested with FFmpeg :slightly_smiling_face:)
So, it would be nice if Discourse can accept mp4 files. GitHub Issues seems to accept mp4.

Absolutely. Converting a video to GIF would be messy and a general misuse of the GIF format.

I was referring to compiling a few static screenshots into a self-playing slideshow. That will avoid the lossy compression of a video format.

Test upload MP4 by paste:

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp).


Ohhh, it’s too bad.
(By the way, my MP4 format screen capture video is 383KB, convert to GIF is 159KB.)

Hi Shixian,
I recently uploaded an mp4 file to wxPython issue tracker, and tried to paste the link of the file onto Discourse. It looks good → Example.
You can upload mp4 files to your github issue tracker, then you may be able to paste the link in the discussion.

@komoto48g Thank you, it is a good suggestion. :slight_smile:

I make a try:

Okay, that worked. I can see the video.

What is your question?

I don’t have other questions.