How can I work for you

Hello, my name is Walker. This seams to be the only means by which I can contact the Python team.

I’ve been a Pythonista nearly 10 years. I want to work for the team, and the language. I realize your organization is small and therefore applications are on a know-someone-who-knows-someone basis.

i eat code. Python is simply what happens when you try to build the perfect language. I was lucky enough to choose it as my native tongue. Though I’m in school, all i can think is that I just want to code. I want to code Python.

I might lack technical skills, but i have a staggeringly steep learning curve, and am exactly the programmer for which Python was built. Please consider me for an internship.

Python is an open source project, driven by volunteers all around the world who develop it in their spare time. I don’t think there are internship programs or things like that (but I am not a developer). If you want to contribute, pick an issue on and submit a patch to solve it.

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Last year in the fall, I did an internship w/ the PSF as a “resident core developer”, but that was after I was already decently established and simply gained some college credit hours for volunteer work that was being done anyways. You may be able to do something similar, but open source is very much a series of favors. So, you’d likely have to put in some time to solving bpo issues (to show self-sufficiency) and then reach out to the PSF for doing some form of internship.

Also, anyone able to facilitate this potential opportunity would likely be from the PSF and not on the core development team, so I’d recommend moving the topic to that area or reaching out via

P.S. To somewhat reduce the risk of posting your contact info from reaching most automated web crawlers, you can post it as an image rather than plaintext. Image recognition can pick up on it, but most crawlers are not that sophisticated. Personally, I would still avoid putting my number out there publicly, I’m just providing a way to make it a little less risky. :slight_smile: