How do I get it so when I double click a py file it opens up Idle to edit without a console window temporarily coming up?

I’ve been trying to search stack overflow and reddit to find out how to do it as I did it years ago, where if I double clicked on a py file, it would open in idle without a console window temporarily opening up and closing?

I tried to follow the steps in this video, but the registry seems to have changed so can’t.

any advice on how to do this? I seem to have lost the “edit with idle” option on the right click menu as well once I changed it to open with idle.bat. Not sure how this affects everything.

I am using the latest python 3.11.4 on windows 11

Thank you

I’m not sure how to do this in windows 11.
There used to be a open with... item in the rigth-click menu.

You will need to search the web for how to do open with on windows 11.

If you have an open with... choose that and pick idle.
Then when you are allowed to say that you always want to use idle to out .py files.

Do any of these results help?

Don’t know about the Windows version but you can do this on Mac via the settings…