How do I get rid of "Chrome is being controlled by automated test software"?

Hello! I’m a new member here.

I’ve made a code here with a tool that most of you are probably familiar with; Selenium.
The code itself is working fine, but my issue is that I cannot get past the
“Chrome is being controlled by automated test software”-lock on the Chrome browser.

I cannot be logged in to Google and/or Youtube due to “security reasons”, because of the Selenium tool. And without the Selenium tool, the WebDriver can’t be imported. So, I’m kind of stuck here.
I have looked up other forums and saw some codes were given to get around this issue,
but they were not helpful and didn’t do the job for me at all.
All I want is to remain logged in to Google and Youtube as I’m executing the code.

Any help? Thank you in advance.
Also, I’m new to programming, so please make it easy for me.

from selenium import webdriver
import time

chrome_driver = webdriver.Chrome(‘D:\PycharmProjects\Refresher\chromedriver.exe’)
no_of_driver = int(input("Enter number of drivers: "))
url = input("Enter URL: ")
time_to_refresh = int(input("Enter refresh rate in seconds: "))
drivers =

for i in range(no_of_driver):
while True:
for i in range (no_of_driver):

Everything is working as designed. If you read the Terms & Conditions for your Google (and Youtube) account, you’ll see that you shouldn’t let your account be used by automation software anyway (except in cases explicitly permitted by Google). It seems you have an XY problem… what exactly do you want to do?

Also, to note, the root of this problem doesn’t appear to have anything directly to do with the Python language; you might find better help on a forum for Selenium, etc.