How do I get started learning Python?

Hi, My name is Haroun and I’m new here, I recently joined the python community, I hope to find help

Hello Haroun, and welcome.

We can’t help you unless you tell us what sort of help you need. If you have a question, please ask it!

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Thank you Steven to reply me, In fact, Im beginning to to learn programming and I don’t have idea how to start learn the python language, if you has study plan to learn python, please help me.

The official Python tutorial is one place to start. Beyond that, there’s the documentation, and lots of third party sites with tutorials, guides and learning materials. Many if not most of them are rather crappy quality article farms (W3Schools, Geeks4Geeks, etc) but Real Python seems to be one of the better I’ve seen, and heard others say similar.


(As for me, I took a a couple basic programming classes in school in C++ and Java, then took a class that involved R, and then taught myself Python. However, probably >90% of what I learned in terms of programming in general and especially Python in particular came by working on both other people’s open source projects and my own, rather than taking classes or reading tutorials. Of course, everyone learns differently, so you’ll want to pick a learning style that works for you and try different ways to see what sticks.)


Not the only way, but one way to learn Python is to code in Python, as often as you can. Think of something that could be of practical use, then write some code that accomplishes the task.

w3schools has been knocked in this thread, but I’d recommend that you give that site a go. Okay, it’s a little dry, but it is a very good reference site and not a bad place to start (IMHO).

As for your first project, don’t be too ambitious. How about simply converting, say a temperature scale from deg F to deg C, or (if you are into electronics, for example) resister values for in-line and parallel, or something else that is of interest to you.

So, the question is: why do you want to learn Python? Is it an academic exercise, or a practical one?

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I want to learn python for a partical one !

Cool. You can learn a good deal by simply reading the posts in this forum, if you’re a ‘reader’, rather than a ‘watcher’. If you’re a watcher, then there are some good (and some not so good) YouTube channels. I can’t name any, as I don’t YT for that (I’m a reader).

Did you have a project in mind?

You can also sign up to the tutor mailing list or ask questions on Python Forum.

It helps to have concrete questions, like “How do I sort a list?”, rather than open-ended questions like “How do I program?”.