How do i start coding

how do i start coding the first thing i get when i open up the program is just some command thing please help me i have a guide but i uses 3.3.3

In the command thing (terminal) type

print("Hello world!")

You’re coding. :slight_smile:

ok i guess?

oh thx it works :slight_smile:

From that suggestion, you have likely learned a few things:

  • how to start python in a terminal, > python
  • how to type code into the python REPL, >>> 1
  • how to use functions that accept arguments, print(1)
  • how to make a string, "Hello world!"

You’ve learned a lot with so little. :slight_smile: Armed with this knowledge, you can now ask more detailed questions and get more detailed answers.

Some other things to try

Assigning to names

>>> s = "bowser"
>>> s

Using methods (functions with a dot):

>>> s = s.title()
>>> s

Using overloaded operators, i.e. concatenating strings with +:

>>> s + "time"

Working with numbers

>>> num = 1 + 9 * 3
>>> num

Working with types, e.g. strings and numbers:

>>> "Welcome " + s + "time" + str(num) + "!"

That should get you started. The net if full of resources. Welcome to Python!


I’d highly recommend checking out the official tutorial first.

There are also many other excellent and free up-to-date Python guides out there, such as Automate the Boring Stuff. Automate the Boring Stuff is the one that really caught my interest; it does an excellent job of using highly practical and fun real-world examples that are suitable for beginners.

You can either visit those resources instead of your current guide if you’re having any issues with it (such as it being out of date or not explaining something clearly, which seems to be an issue in your case) or use them in addition to it.

Thanks Kyle for sharing the guide. As someone new to Python, the guide is quite useful.

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