How do people feel about a Async SIG -> Async Team/Asynchronous Programming Team renaming?

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This is related to the proposal made in Adopting the concept of "Teams" (from PEP 8015), that Python move away from having groups with names like “XYZ Authority” / “XYZ-SIG” / “XYZ community” to a single naming style – “XYZ team” – where each team is SC-ratified.

As I understand it, the effect that this proposal would have on Async-SIG is a renaming (to something like “Async Team”) and that it would get listed in the list of SC-approved teams. How do existing members of Async-SIG feel about such a renaming?

FWIW, currently, Async-SIG is an example of a group that doesn’t strictly conform to the “definition” of the word it uses (SIG), as defined today on the website:

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The mailing list is on the mailman3 instance: Mailman 3 Info | -

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Why change things? That will just confuse people who are used to this existing group. What problem are you trying to solve? It sure sounds like a case of “refactor code because I don’t understand it”.

This is elaborated at length in Adopting the concept of "Teams" (from PEP 8015) – which is the first link in the post.

I appreciate your perspective, but this is the not the first time that you’ve not even bothered to click the first link in a post I’ve made before insinuating that I don’t know what I’m doing or am causing churn for no benefit. I’m honestly not sure how to respond politely.

And I missed that! Thanks for flagging that. :sweat_smile:

I am aware of that discussion and I am tired even just reading about it. Given Paul Moore’s response I’m not the only person who thinks that way. And thanks for the trip down to memory lane – it helps me to understand you better. I am not changing my opinion though.

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What problem does the renaming solve?

Who suffers from the current status quo?

I read the mentioned PEP but have no idea why is Async-SIG affected?
The group is small and not hot, please just don’t touch it.