How do you convert a jupyter notebook project into an executable?

Hello. I used pyingstaller in the video below to try to make an executable from my jupyter notebook file, but the executable didn’t work. Is this the simplest way to this? Thanks in advance!

Create Executable of Python Script using PyInstaller – Data to Fish

To be able to help with a problem, we need to be able to see:

  1. step by step, what you actually did - not just what the tutorial says to do

  2. exactly what is wrong with the result: “didn’t work” isn’t helpful information

For general hints and alternatives:

I did everything all the way to the command window saying an exe was created. It made an “executable” file where it was supposed to be, but it doesn’t do anything when I click on it. It only had one line of code.

What do you mean that it “has one line of code”? What steps do you take in order to determine that?

What should happen instead when you click on it, and why? (Did you try double-clicking?)

What happens if you try running the program from the command window instead?

I mean my program only had one line of code. It’s only a heading and a print statement. How do you run the program from the command window?

A jupyter notebook is not a python script.

What do you want to do?

I am using it
as a code editor for python. A lot of people do. The script I converted was a .py script.

Ok, so what happens when you run the *.py script as a program outside of Jupyter, but without converting it to an app?

it wouldn’t do anythign