How do you find Discourse so far?

About features:

  • I created a wiki to compare the 7 governance PEPs: Comparison of the 7 governance PEPs I like the fact that anyone can modify it. It’s much more convenient than having a mailing list on one side and on the other side. Having both at the same place helps to keep everything consistent.
  • Polls avoid the very common spam issue of “+1”. Like 5 to 10 people sending “+1” email with no rationale or anything, just to like “I like what you wrote”. These emails are pure annoyance to me. Discourse also allows to “like” a post which is even closer to “+1” emails.
  • I think that I like the ability to modify my own posts to fix a typo, update an URL, etc. Anyway can see the history of my post, so I don’t see this feature as a threat. The only threat is when an admin removes a message: it disappears immediately, and there is no notice that “there was a message”. See How does a suppressed message or edit message look like? discussion. Many forums allow users to modify their own post, and I don’t recall that this feature has been abused on the forums that I used. The common case is more someone who enhance their post, than trying to hide evidence of a misbehavior or something like that.