How does a suppressed message or edit message look like?

(Victor Stinner) #1

Hi, I read that Discourse provides more tools to moderate discussions. I would like to see the UI for a removed message. Can an admin please remove the following message? The message content will be “This is a message that must be removed.”

By the way, I edited this message to add this sentence, to see how a modified post look like :slight_smile:

Update 2, 36 min later: I will post a second message that must be removed an admin, to see if the UI is differently (than the case when I remove my own message). I will post the message: “Can an admin please remove this message? It’s for a test.”

How do you find Discourse so far?
(Victor Stinner) #3

I edited my first message to add the sentence:

Then I modified my thread title to add “(need admin)”: " How look a suppressed message look like?". Right now, I don’t see any hint that the title and the first post have been modified. Is here an history somewhere?

(Victor Stinner) #4

I edited the title again: “How does a suppressed message or edit message look like?”.

(Victor Stinner) #5

Oh, I even earned a badge because I modified my own post:

“This badge is granted the first time you edit one of your posts. While you won’t be able to edit your posts forever, editing is encouraged — you can improve the formatting, fix small mistakes, or add anything you missed when you originally posted. Edit to make your posts even better!

(Victor Stinner) #6

Ah, I’m able to remove my own post “This is a message that must be removed.”. Right now, its content is:

“(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)”

(Victor Stinner) #7

Oh, edits many in less than 5 minutes are “not considered formal edits”:

(Antoine Pitrou) #8

But it would be nice to know what it looks like when a moderator removes / censors it.

(Victor Stinner) #10

I modified my first post that I posted 30 minutes. Ok, in that case, I see the pencil icon and have access to the post history. Good!

(Pablo Galindo Salgado) #11

This is an example of a moderator message explaining why something was deleted/edited with moderation highlight. Notice that the deleted message appear hidden. Example (notice the “View 1 hidden reply”):

(Victor Stinner) #12

Pablo removed my reply “Can an admin please remove this message? It’s for a test.” … and I don’t see any notice / hint that this thread contained a message that has been removed :frowning:

It seems to be a feature reserved to moderators, I don’t see it.

(Pablo Galindo Salgado) #13

If someone flags the comment the whole moderation is done on a separate (and private) conversation with the moderators. Maybe deleting the message is a bit extreme moderation measure without previous conversation.

More info here:

(Łukasz Langa) #14

Looks like it is. I tested while being logged out and the “View 1 hidden reply” message is not there.

(Terry Jan Reedy) #15

On StackOverflow, being able to delete one’s own questions, comments, and answers is very useful. Besides removing noise, it removes the reputation loss from downvotes. I wish more people would do so.

Its ‘view hidden reply’ lines are limited to people with 10000+ reputation (which gives some other moderation privileges). You mostly don’t want to seem them :wink: