How does one best search for keywords in Python's documentation?

I am looking for documentation (in Python’s official documentation) regarding the “in” keyword. I have found the section 2.3.1 about reserved keywords with no troubles, but if I want to find the documentation specifically for the “in” keyword, I run into a problem.

Things I have tried:

  1. Googling for the “in” keyword
  2. Searching the Python documentation for the “in” keyword.

There are other sites that describe the “in” keyword, but I just can’t find the right place in the official documentation. What am I missing? Does anyone else run into this problem?

Edit: In case anyone is looking for this specific case, “in” is a called a “membership test operation” (in 3.11.2’s documentation, it can be found under section 6.10.2).

Related: Why is there no official ( documentation specifying ALL Python keywords, with each being given its own page with links to other areas of documentation that describe them?

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Use the index. Many but not all keywords are listed under ‘keywords’.


Thank you. This answers my question, I appreciate it.