How is Python an interpreted language?

I need to know how is python an interpreted language

A Python programme is normally converted into a sequence of low level
instructions closely matching the basic operations of Python level
objects (variable assignments, function calls and so forth). When you
run that programme, those low level instructions are read by a programme
(the “interpreter”) which acts on the data strctures according to those

By contrast, a typical “compiled” language is often converted all the
way to the native machine language of the CPU of your machine, whose
instructions closely resemble what the hardware is capable of rather
than the higher level operations of the source language. At that point
machine code instructions in memory are interpreted by your computer’s

There are actually several degrees to which a language may be processed
between “interpreted” and “compiled”, but these presence of another
programme to read high level operations and perform them is what
designates a language as “interpreted”.

Cameron Simpson

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