How to access 1-wire temperature device in windows 10

I am fairly familiar with Python on the Raspberry Pi but not in Windows.

I want to read a 1-wire device (DS18B20) from my PC running Windows 10 in Python. How do I do this?

I have a Maxim USB Host Adapter for 1-wire (DS9490P) which I know works OK. Its device location is Port_#0001, Hub_#0008. How do I access and read the device from within Python?

Many Thanks.

I have no idea what a “1-wire device” is or what to make of the model numbers; but if you are able to connect the device to your computer with USB, then GitHub - pyusb/pyusb: Easy USB access for Python should solve the problem of reading data off the USB connection.

If you previously connected the device to the Pi via a serial port and used pyserial to communicate, that should still work on Windows. Perhaps other libraries also work, but I haven’t heard of them.

Of course, you are still on your own for interpreting the data :slight_smile:

Hi Karl, thanks for your reply.

1-wire (see www.analog,com) is the system where several sensors, in my case temperature measuring devices, can be connected in parallel to a 3 wire system (VCC, GND, Data)