How to autofill my work forms on a webpage

I`m just looking for somewhere to start with this! For work I have to enter the product prices on every product we delivered to store. Its a Chrome web based form. I would like to be able to just run a chunk of code that Scans the webpage and autofills the unit prices for each product it finds listed!

See below screen shot for reference,
Thanks in advance

For a job like this I would use selenium:

But if there is a computer version of the interface for this task then that would be designed to be automated. You would need to ask your IT or data people about that.

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Great, thanks Barry. I will look into this now, cheers.

Can you make it run on the Currently active webpage, instead of giving it the web address?

Thanks again

What you can do is have your program open the web page and pause until you have browsed to the required page, maybe you need to log in etc.
The let the program continue. You can pause the program by asking for input.

Great stuff, thanks Barry.

I have Selenium working great now. I actually already realised what you suggested there, and have my Python code open Chrome - select Username and enter text, same for password then click select etc etc…
Then wait for a Key from me to continue, once I installed Keyboard that is :wink:

I can then goto the Invoice to be turned around to enter the Unit Prices per item etc etc…

But that is my next problem…I cant see where to find the ID etc to select the price box for my code to enter the prices? I`m not great with HTMU stuff sorry… more of a c# guy in the past (from making games on xbox360 indie games). Python is new to me also.

Please see below screenshot, thanks again for the help.


You will need to read the HTML and figure out a way to find the input elements that you want to fill in.

There may not be HTML IDs for you to use.

You may, for example, need to find each row and pull out the “outer case code” to use as a key to look up the unit price and then fill in the price input element on that row.

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