How to calculate pagecount docx and doc using python library except aspose.words

Hi I’m new to python

Suggest any libraries to get pagecount in docx

Verify it is encrypted and also decrypted and calculate page count

First you’ll need to define what a ‘page’ means to you; size, margins, etc.

To get the total number of pages in the file

So you want to assume that the .docx file has a proper ‘page setup’ already in it, and it matches your understanding of what a ‘page’ is?

I want the count the number of pages in the each files

Yes, you keep saying that, but you’re not answering the question: what is a ‘page’? Pages can be defined differently in different files, and may not match your expectations.

For example if I send you a .docx file with 12 ‘pages’ of US-Letter size content, and you open it to generate a printout (or PDF) using A4 size, you will not get 12 pages, you will probably get a different number.

My scenario is im having a docx files with 10 pages not print or change the file format

Only thing to count the number of pages when the user is uploaded the files thats all

@kpfleming - You know exactly what the user is requesting and the internet can see exactly what you’re doing so cut it out.

You’re not being helpful with your oversized ego.

@tharani you can find more information here: