How to change default python in `py-launcher` at windows?

Hello, I tried to install multiple python versions on my windows machine, I have this version:

❯ py --list
 -V:3.11 *        Python 3.11 (64-bit)
 -V:3.10          Python 3.10 (64-bit)
 -V:3.9           Python 3.9 (64-bit)

How do I change the default python version to 3.10 when I type py in terminal?
because if I type py it’s always choosing the latest version (3.11). The --help args don’t give a meaningful message on how to change the default version like pyenv do. or I miss something? :slight_smile:

The docs have a section on customization. You can either set up a .ini file or you can set an environment variable.

If you don’t have either one (or you don’t use command line flags like py -3.10), it just picks the most recent version.

Thank you @BowlOfRed :slight_smile:

Using different Python versions in one computer is cumbersome, but when you also need different modules or module-versions installed, it becomes a nightmare.

The solution is to use a Python Virtual Environment. Easier to do than it seems; look e.g. into: HOWTO - Using Python in a virtual Environment on Linux

I run any Py version from 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and even simultaneously, if I have to.