How to clear the concole

In matlab, if you want to clear the command window to get a tidy startup, you just write ‘clc’ in your code.

What is the counterpart in python?

by the way, I am using vs code.

Is this for windows?
Are you using the new windows terminal app?

If so you can use ANSI escape sequence to clear the terminal.


If you are not using terminal app I do not have the code off the top of head that will clear the cmd.exe terminal.

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VS Code has its own console implementation, and you clear it using the IDE’s own functionality, not any language-specific functionality. See:

Matlab is a bit of a special case among programming languages; it defines its own environment. Most programming languages don’t have anything like a “clear console” command, because they don’t know you are using a console; your program only sees a stdin data stream and a stdout data stream, and the terminal (a separate program) is (by default) responsible for translating keystrokes into input and rendering the output with whatever font within a window. So generally, when you write a command-line program, you will “clear the screen” either by making a call to operating system functionality directly (usually a fair bit of work), by using the operating system to start a “clear screen” program (typically named cls on Windows and clear on Linux, or by outputting control characters that the terminal interprets (for example via the ANSI standard) - that last one is what Barry showed you. But when “the console” isn’t a terminal window, the rules can change again.

If you want something more like the “Matlab experience” you might be interested in Jupyter.

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I kind of like:


a bit more since it clears then moves the cursor to the top left of the terminal. :slight_smile:

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