How to communicate between Electron Framework and python

I am trying to make a face recognition attendance system for schools using Python and Electron. I am using multiprocessing in Python which will create a new process for each camera which will open parallelly to record attendance for students. I achieved success in setting a communication medium between Electron and Python but when it comes to multiprocessing in Python, I got errors. I tried to set communication medium using ZMQ, Flask and WebSocket but I failed each time when using multiprocessing.

is there any way of communication which allow

  • bi-directional communication between electron and each process created with multiprocessing library in python for opening camera and perform face recognition.
  • less over heads
  • fast and efficient
  • cross-platform
  • work offline
  • work well with multiprocessing

You might be interested in studying the implementation of the Discord API for Python, since Discord is an Electron app and they presumably had to solve this problem.

Do you mean Because that doesn’t communicate with the Electron Framework, but with the discord servers. It’s not an API for the local app, but with the backend to create bot users.

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