How to contact a moderator?

how to contact a moderator ?

By mentioning them with the special @-name: @moderators

They are also listed on About - Discussions on

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If it’s in regard to a specific topic or post on the forums, you can click the flag icon on a post to tell us about the issue. Or you can use the private message feature and message @moderators as the recipient.


Also, if you want to contact the moderators privately, you can message us by clicking the Message button under the @ name, or under Groups in the “hamburger” menu on the top right of the site.

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any help ?

Deleting the topic is not going to do anything. It was posted, it has been archived and send as email to many people. If you post something publicly, it is public information, and you breaking NDA is not something the discourse mods can really do anything about. If your concern is legal problems, deleting the post is not gonna help you in any way.

But IDK; the mods might still do it. But you might have to wait a bit, they potentially are quite busy.

To note, we were already summoned by the first @moderators—two of the three people that first replied to you (@davidism and myself) were mods.

If you want to request action (i.e. flag) a specific post, as David explained to you, the flag icon is to the bottom right, and may be hidden under the ... button:

To DM the mods privately, you can click on the @moderators tag and then click the message button:


Or, go to your Inbox:

Then click message, and enter moderators as the recipient:

Or, at the top right under the hamburger menu, click Groups:


Then click Moderators:

And finally click Message

@CAM-Gerlach For reference, the OP is still trust level 0, i.e. new-user and can’t flag posts from what I am reading.

To be honest, I don’t see anything particularly sensitive or revealing there, just a relatively small snippet of generic-looking code (as a screenshot so it isn’t easily searchable/scrapable). Furthermore, deleting the topic seems a little disproportionate if only a relatively small amount of information is sensitive, or unfair to those who have spent their volunteer time helping you, in the hope of not only being helpful to you, but any others with the same problem as well, as it will delete all their posts too.

However, if you are certain there is something you want deleted, if you can privately share with us specifically what that is (e.g. a particular screenshot or set of screenshots), and we can do our best to edit your posts to remove them. Thanks.

Oh, oops, thanks for the catch—didn’t realize TL0 wasn’t able to flag (or delete either, at least thread OPs it seems).

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I still cant pm anyone but I appreciate if you delete this topic. it is one topic not more.

Oh, I see now that new users (Trust Level 0) can’t send PMs; didn’t realize that, sorry. I’ve sent you a PM (which it should hopefully let you reply to).

As mentioned, it’s generally considered poor forum etiquette to join as a new user, ask the community for help, get a bunch of responses and then completely remove the entire thing once you’ve gotten your answer. However, if you’re concerned about certain information you’d like to redact in your posts, I can edit them to remove such; just let us know what that is (your code snippit? something else?) either here or privately on the DM I sent you, and I can take care of that for you. Thanks.

No I did not get any message

Sorry, I hadn’t actually sent the message yet, but I’ve just sent it now.