How to convert .py files and .ui files into .exe file?

I have searched in google or some other search engines, i got some packages “pyinstaller” and “pyuic” but in that examples only .py files are converting into .exe file. But i have another two .ui files which i want to include into the .exe along with .py files.

What do you mean by a “.ui file”? What libraries, frameworks etc. are you already using?

In software development, a “.ui” file typically refers to a User Interface (UI) file. UI files are commonly used in graphical user interface (GUI) frameworks and tools to define the layout and structure of a user interface. I am using PyQt5 library for GUI development and it’s functionality, Ya i am using this libraries and frameworks.

Can’t be all THAT common; I’ve never used them myself, and this is the first time I can recall hearing about them. There are quite a few ways of having external files that define your GUI, and far more ways of defining a GUI that don’t use external files at all. :person_shrugging:

Thank you chris.

Qt Designer creates a user interface layout in a “.ui” XML file. For PyQt or PySide, a “.ui” file can either be converted to a Python class or loaded at runtime.

You could try asking on the pyqt mailing list fir help.
There are very knowledgeable people that are helpful there.

Sign up here PyQt Info Page

I use qt a lot, but do not use .ui files at all as i find it is easy to build the ui in python.

Thanks. My point was, though, that no matter how “obvious” you think this is, it’s worth including the context.