How to create online university website with python

how to create online university website with python

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The web pages for the site would consist of HTML, perhaps associated with JavaScript and CSS. The page content would not consist of Python. However, you could use a web framework, such as Flask, that would utilize Python to manage the web site. With Flask, Python code could be used to dynamically produce the HTML source, JavaScript, and CSS for the web pages. Another web framework that uses Python is Django. You would, of course, need access to a server to host the web pages.


thank you so much mr Quercus. i have used bootstrap to create the front end of the site but needed a backend with python that will manage it. i wsnt advice on that and how i can link them together. i would not mind if i connect with you or anyone that can help me out on whatsapp. i will share the stuff i am creating but got stuck now

Start here:

Have you learned Python, web design and HTML? If not you should start by
learning those. We can’t help with the web design and HTML but you
should do the Python tutorial if you don’t already know how to
program in Python:

thank you sir, i am actually a front end developer, i have created a front end aspect of the website but need pyhon for backend. can you led me through using python

In order to formulate a workable plan for building the web site, you’ll need to engage in a detailed dialogue with those at the university who are responsible for computer systems. They’ll have important questions for you regarding the nature of the proposed web site, and can make informed decisions regarding what technology to use. This needs to be addressed early on in the process. There may already be some precedent at the university that needs to be a factor from the very beginning.

thank you very much, sir. I really enjoyed your mentoring here. I will like to connect with you more and show you some projects I am working on right now.