How to create Python script to upload documents to website

I want to create a script that I can run that will upload my resume to different job sites automatically. I am new to this so any help is appreciated.

I’d check out the request library:

Thanks, will take a look at it, do you know of any tutorials or examples that I might look at for a script like this?

The requests docs has a lot of step-by-step examples and walk-throughs.

How hard is it to upload your resume to the appropriate job that you
need a script to do it?

You are reading the job first aren’t you? I have never, not once,
uploaded a plain generic resume without personalising it to the job
first and writing a personalised cover letter. Having done that, the
actual upload process is the easiest part of the process.

If you are mass-uploading your resume to dozens or hundreds of jobs
without customising them, there is a word for that: spam. If you are
doing that, you are part of the problem why job seekers find it so hard
to get work: their resume is drowned in the flood of literally
thousands of inappropriate spam resumes from people who have written
scripts to mass upload their resume to every job and job site they can,
thinking that this will increase their chances to get the job when it
just ensures that 99 times in 100 their resume gets deleted unread.

I’ve been on the hiring side of the problem as well as the job seeker
side and believe me, we know when people are blasting their resume out
to every job they can see. Never once did I think “this guy is totally
unsuited for the job, he clearly didn’t read the requirements, but I
should give him the job anyway!” But there are thousands of spammers who
think that I might. I wouldn’t give them the job if they were the only

That is not the reason I want a script. I have no intention of mass application for jobs. What I want is to expedite the process of refreshing my resume on my job site profile as that tends to keep it active and more likely to be found by recruiters doing searches. I wanted to try to do something like a script instead of spending an hour or more individually going to 5-10 different sites like careerbuilder or dice and doing it manually.