How to fix Python 3.9 setup failure

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Hi Mushuka Mulenga,

Sorry, when you post only an image, I do not see it, I see this:

which is not useful or informative.

Please read:

Don’t forget to tell us what OS you are using (Linux, Mac, Windows,
something else?) and how you are trying to do the installation. If you
are running a command-line installer, please copy and paste the errors.
If there are too many errors to comfortably copy and paste (say, more
than about 30 lines) then just copy the command you used, and last few
lines of the error output, and ask us for further advice.

If you are using a GUI installer, you still need to tell us what you
did. E.g. are you using the Windows app store, or did you download the
installer from the Python website?

The GUI installer will probably tell you to look at the logs. Did you
look at the logs, and what did they say?

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Thanks for the reply and my sincere apologies for the late reply, I had so many emails that I didn’t realize that you guys actually responded to me.
I highly appreciate the help, let me do exactly as you’ve told and I’ll keep in touch on any progress in relation.

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In the photo, it seems that the installer is running in some form of sandbox. This could be related to the issue

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