How to get involved with a PSF Working Group (WG)?

The PSF website does not seem to have the most recent information since many of these WGs are now inactive, according to their Chairs.

In that case, where can we find the following information:

  • if a working group is active?
  • if it is open to new participants?
  • what are the expectations/requirements from an incoming member?
  • how to express interest in joining?

In my experience, each of these wg (and the open source community in general) are self-contained and self-organized. You participate by “showing up” (join the mailing list or whatever communication channel they have).

Many of the wg/community are “reactive” or mostly just reacting to things. For example, If someone in the community raised an issue/problem, then people will respond, but otherwise you might see the mailing list to appear inactive.

Is there a specific topic, or an issue in the community that you’d like to help with?

Thanks Mariatta. I was looking for a contributing guide but I also understand that it might not be formally prepared.

I’ll join the mailing lists of the WGs that I’m interested in and propose issues there.

Also, just in case you haven’t already found it, the PSF wiki and the particular workgroup’s charter listed there has more information about joining and communication.