How to learn python from zero

I want to learn python from zero,can you give me some advises?

If nothing else, start with the tutorial, at the top of the docs TOC page. Or say more about what you do know.

PS: selecting irrelevant tags just confuses people.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Obviously, I am a new green is a quality option. Everything it shows you can be done on your computer locally, but it doesn’t show you that part. Use BeginnersGuide/Download - Python Wiki to fill in that gap.

BeginnersGuide - Python Wiki has more resources for beginners too.

Don’t forget to come back here with questions when you get stuck.

Beware of being offered any kind of a ‘paid for’ guide/tutorial. While there are a few that may be of some value, there are many, many more that are simply designed to rip you. There’s very little, if anything that you can’t learn for free, that you can learn by having to pay for it.


Yes,i know thanks