How to make use of Codespaces Prebuilds

This can be considered a very late reply to @brettcannon’s reply to me here Add support for devcontainers to facilitate GitHub Codespaces usage? - #19 by brettcannon

To make use of prebuilds it seems you have to create the codespace from python/cpython rather than your own fork. However, this doesn’t work well for contributors who want to contribute but don’t have push permissions to python/cpython for a few reasons:

  • The codespace doesn’t seem to have authentication for pushing to any repo other than the one it was created on, so you have to work out how to configure git with the necessary permissions to push to your fork (I don’t know the best way to do this for codespaces)
  • You need to manually configure remotes so your fork is the origin and upstream is python/cpython

This isn’t covered in the dev docs, so am I missing something? Is there a good workflow that allows me to use the prebuilds?

The docs suggest everything should be handled for you if you launch the Codespace from python/cpython.