How to open .srs and .srr files


I’m not sure if I am at the right place to ask that, but a group of music posted some musics in .srs and .srr files. After some research I find out that we can open them with ReScene 0.6. But this application says that I need to open those files with python or chromaprint or something. So I don’t really know what to do and what to think about it. Would I finally be able to listen the music or not ?

Thank you very much for answering,


I’d recommend first looking at a tool like sox or ffmpeg to figure out what the file is, rather than relying on the file extension. Sometimes, a file gets a different extension while not being particularly different (for instance, a .kar file is actually a MIDI file that happens to contain karaoke lyrics, but it’s still a Standard MIDI File and can be parsed with the same tools), and sox/ffmpeg will look at the content, rather than the name.

If you can’t use those, the next best thing would be to hex-dump the start of the file and see what you can see. At very least, it should be possible to figure out what kind of container it’s in.