How to print the docstring of the `input` function?

Write a python script to print the docstring(documentation string) of the input function in Python 3?

I’m new to Python and unable to find the answers for this question.

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Hi David, and welcome.

This sounds like a homework exercise. What have you tried?

You want to print the docstring of the input function. Here are all
the individual pieces you need to solve the problem, without giving you
the exact answer.

You want to get access to the input function without calling the
function. Just leave off the parentheses!

answer = input("question?")  # calls the function

obj = input  # doesn't call the function

You want to see the doc string of an object, if it has one:

# Note that this is *two* leading and trailing underscores
# not just one
docs = myobject.__doc__

You want to see the doc string of the builtin len function:

docs = len.__doc__  # don't call the function!

You want to print something:


Put all the pieces together, and you will be able to print the input
function’s doc string.

If you can’t work it out, show what you tried, and what result you got.


Thanks for the reply. You meant to say that I have combine all the pieces to make it right?

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I tried as follows but ended up with name error:(. Could you please correct me?

answer = input(“question?”) # calls the function
obj = input # doesn’t call the function
docs = obj.doc
docs = len.doc


python3 | tee output.txt
question?python3 | tee output.txt
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3, in
docs = myobject.doc
NameError: name ‘myobject’ is not defined
vim python3 | tee output.txt