How to print the top 1000 characters of pandas docstring?

Good day. I am a beginner to learn panda library, and what I want to know now is the basic contents of the panda library. However, after I type the command " help(pd) ", the contents of pandas are too large to be displayed on my laptop. I speculate there must be a command to only show, say, 1000 pandas docstring? Can any expert tell me what it is? Million thanks.

From here, use pydoc.
Something like:

import pandas as pd
import pydoc

panda_help = pydoc.render_doc(pd)

The string panda_help should now contain the output of your help(pd). Obviously you can then print(panda_help[:1000]) or whatever else you want to do with it.

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All right!!! The problem solved. No wonder you prefer pandas, Sivarajan.

For something like this, you may find it easier to look at the online documentation instead.


Karl, the problem is in my e-book, there’s no mention where to find the online documentation. Besides, as I said earlier, I’m only a beginner to learn pandas, what I want to know now is its usages, application, and potentials. I will learn the details of pandas next week according to my agenda. Anyway, I’m still grateful for your advice.

Just for reference: You can find the pandas docs by doing a google search for “Python pandas”:

A very good beginner’s tutorial for pandas can be found on Kaggle: Learn Pandas Tutorials | Kaggle
Pandas itself also has very good documentation plus guides: pandas documentation — pandas 2.2.0 documentation but I’d still advise to first take a look at the Kaggle tutorial.

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Hans, good to receive your guidance, and I plan to study pandas in detail next week. Your guidance is highly appreciated.