How to report copyright violations to PyPI?

Long story short, I would like to report a copyright violation (per Acceptable Use Policy), but I don’t seem to be able to find the right way of reporting it.

The most appropriate medium seems to be the pypi/support repository but the New Issue form is limited to a handful of categories, and doesn’t provide neither a “other” template, nor the ability to open a blank issue.

I wasn’t able to find a specific contact address in the “Acceptable Use Policy” document either, nor on “Terms of Use”. “Help” only tells how to report bugs against Warehouse, which I don’t believe it is. It also suggests reaching out to maintainers of packages, which we did (and we’ve got pretty much what accounts to a “sue me” response).


It seems to me that Acceptable Use Policy - Python Software Foundation Policies should include contact details in the enforcement section.

That said, Intellectual property policy in PEP 541 lists as the contact point and my read of the situation is that this is a report that would fit that criterion.

(to be clear, not speaking on behalf of the PSF in any form – just a person on the internet trying to help navigate policy documentation that’s spread across multiple places online)