How to start a new session of python with spyder?

I want to test a script in spyder, which comes from anaconda. I am using windows 10.

But the spyder is already running a python script.

How to start a new session aside of the currernt one?

You can run multiple consoles in a single Spyder session. Start a new one with Ctrl+T when the console sub-window is active.


Yup, you can open as many IPython console tabs as you once, each of which is an independent session, and can even be run with different settings, in a different environment or even with an entirely different copy of Python. In addition to the default Ctrl-T shortcut, you can also open a new console in the IPython Console pane options (“Hamburger”) menu in the top right of the pane, in the context menu by right-clicking the tab bar, and under the Consoles menu of the Spyder application. See the docs for more details.