How to use csv file in treeview for multi columns filter

sir i am new in python

i downloaded the code from the web

see the code

that run okay without any problem

from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk
inp = [{'Currency': 'EUR', 'Volume': '100', 'Country': 'SE'},
       {'Currency': 'GBR', 'Volume': '200', 'Country': 'SE'},
       {'Currency': 'CAD', 'Volume': '300', 'Country': 'SE'},
       {'Currency': 'EUR', 'Volume': '400', 'Country': 'SE'},
       {'Currency': 'EUR', 'Volume': '100', 'Country': 'DK'},
       {'Currency': 'GBR', 'Volume': '200', 'Country': 'DK'},
       {'Currency': 'CAD', 'Volume': '300', 'Country': 'DK'},
       {'Currency': 'EUR', 'Volume': '400', 'Country': 'DK'},
class Application(Tk):
    def __init__(self):

        combofr = Frame(self)
        combofr.pack(expand=True, fill=X)
        self.tree = ttk.Treeview(self, show='headings')
        columns = list(inp[0].keys())

        self.filters = []

for col in columns:
            name = 'combo_' + col
            setattr(self, name, ttk.Combobox(combofr, values=[''] + sorted(set(x[col] for x in inp)), state="readonly"))
            getattr(self, name).pack(side=LEFT, expand=True, fill=X)
            getattr(self, name).bind('<<ComboboxSelected>>', self.select_from_filters)

        self.tree["columns"] = columns
        self.tree.pack(expand=TRUE, fill=BOTH)

        for i in columns:
            self.tree.column(i, anchor="w")
            self.tree.heading(i, text=i, anchor="w")

        for i, row in enumerate(inp):
            self.tree.insert("", "end", text=i, values=list(row.values()))

    def select_from_filters(self, event=None):

        all_filter = lambda x: all(x[f.split('_')[-1]] == getattr(self, f).get() or getattr(self, f).get() == '' for f in self.filters)
        for row in inp:
            if all_filter(row):
                self.tree.insert("", "end", values=list(row.values()))

root = Application()

how to user this df in this code 
df=pd.read_csv('d://data.csv')now the code user the list 

inp = [{'Currency': 'EUR', 'Volume': '100', 'Country': 'SE'},
      {'Currency': 'GBR', 'Volume': '200', 'Country': 'SE'},
        columns = list(inp[0].keys())

please give me idea how to use the pandas data frames in this code 

for multicolumns data filter 

the code download link

I am waiting for your valuable reply