HPy/PyPy/GraalPy/CPython/* sprint in Düsseldorf (Germany) in September (19th-23rd)

Hi all!

we are organizing a HPy/PyPy/GraalPy/CPython/* sprint at the University of Düsseldorf (Germany) from 19th of September to the 23rd. We wanted to extend the invitation to interested CPython developers!


Carl Friedrich


Can someone participate in this sprint remotely?

I believe interactions will also be on IRC. If I recall correctly, one time I joined the sprint remotely sort of before remote was main stream.

Sorry for the delay! The sprint is unfortunately not super remote friendly :frowning:. We are on IRC during the week, but in the past it has happened that we didn’t have the bandwidth to reply there properly.

However, we are considering streaming/recording some of the introductory talks. To get into the projects it’s actually usually better to discuss on the hpy or pypy lists or the IRC channels (#hpy and #pypy on libera.chat) what kind of things you are interested in.