handled incorrectly

I posted an issue to the CPython mailing list recently about not propagating the response length appropriately.

Was wondering if it’s actually a bug and hence whether it’s worth putting a pull-request together, but haven’t heard much in response.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the report, but bugs are reported as issues on GitHub!

Yes, but questions about possible bugs are welcome on the discussion channels so the bug tracker isn’t filled with non-bugs.


Not sure what to make of @ajoino’s comment, it felt like a bug and hence reporting as an issue on GitHub. I haven’t had much in the way of response, hence asking here.

I could turn this into a pull-request and there was another volunteer, but I wanted to get some feedback as to whether this was likely to be accepted before doing so.

I’ve not contributed to CPython before hence some uncertainty about what’s normal for this project.

I now see that you posted an issue on Github. I didn’t open the link because you said you sent it a mailing list and assumed you were correct. Sorry about that.

huh, not sure why I did that — that explains your comment!

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