HTTP POST request data without WSGI en Flask

Can a Python expert help me with the following problem:

Since the function ‘cgi.FieldStorage’ has been discouraged, I just need a function that can retrieve every HTTP POST request data in a dictionary mode for my simple web system without using the unnecessarily complicated and cumbersome WSGI and Flask. What function could that be?

Because of the deprecated function ‘cgi.FieldStorage’ I was usually recommended WSGI or rather Flask, but I object to that for the following reasons:

1 - It has to be turned on before my web system can be used.

2 - It has to be online at all times.

3 - It also costs additional overhead time

4 - A certain port (e.g. ‘:5000’) must be used for it instead of the default ‘:80’.

5 - And so on.

Hence my cry for help for one function to retrieve the HTTP POST request data in dictionary mode