I am Having problem with html parser

It’s seldom a good idea to post a screen shot; there are exceptions, but this is not one of them.

Instead, you should read the pinned post, that shows you how to post Python code in a formatted way and then, use that information to post your script; not all of it, but just enough to demonstrate the issue.

Also, keep the topic title to a minimum; you can explain the issue you’re having in the body of the post.

I trust that this will help you on the road to getting the help that you need with your Python coding.

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The version of BeautifulSoup that you have is not compatible with Python 3.10 and up. Try to upgrade it; if the latest version does not work, then this is a bug to report against BeautifulSoup (to ask for a new version that is compatible). In the mean time, try using 3.9 or earlier Python.

Python 3.10 removed some aliases from the standard library that were provided for compatibility. The library code is looking for some class names in the standard library collections, but now it needs to look in collections.abc instead. (Since Python 3.4, it was preferred to look there, but collections would alias the names.) Please do not try to fix this yourself; it is a compatibility problem with BeautifulSoup.

Thanks for the answer.