I am trying to create a executable file for a python script. I have tried all options Pyinstaller, cx_freeze, auto-py-to-exe. I am getting certain errors. Can anyone help create an executable file?

#for color and font styles
import colorama
from colorama import init, Fore, Style, Back

#for pdf manipulation
import fitz

#for input csv
import csv

#for random colors
import random

#for time delay
import time

#for case sensitive
import re

# initialize colorama

print(Fore.GREEN + Style.BRIGHT + "Hello!" + Style.RESET_ALL)
# Ask user for file path
pdf_file = input("\n" + Fore.BLUE + Style.BRIGHT + "Please enter the path of the PDF file: " + Style.RESET_ALL)

# Ask user for search terms CSV file path
search_terms_csv = input("\n" + Fore.BLUE + Style.BRIGHT + "Please enter the path of the Search terms CSV file: " + Style.RESET_ALL)

# Ask user if they want to do case-insensitive search
match_case = input("\n" + Fore.BLUE + Style.BRIGHT + "Do you want to Match Case? (Y/N): " + Style.RESET_ALL)

#Check user response
if match_case == "Y" or match_case == "y":
    case_sensitive = True
elif match_case == "N" or match_case == "n":
    case_sensitive = False
    print("Invalid input")
print("\n"+ Fore.GREEN + Style.BRIGHT + "Processing......" + Style.RESET_ALL)

# Open PDF file
pdf_doc = fitz.open(pdf_file)

# Open CSV file and read search terms
search_terms = []
    with open(search_terms_csv, "r", encoding="utf-8") as file:
        reader = csv.reader(file)
        for row in reader:
            if len(row) == 2:
                search_terms.append((row[0], row[1]))
                print(f"Error: Incorrect number of columns in row: {row}")
except FileNotFoundError:
    print("Error: Search terms CSV file not found.")

# Define colors for highlighting
num_colors = len(search_terms)
colors = [(random.random(), random.random(), random.random()) for i in range(num_colors)]

# Iterate through each page in the PDF document
for page_num, page in enumerate(pdf_doc):
    # Get page text
    page_text = page.get_text()
    # Iterate through each search term
    for i, search_term in enumerate(search_terms):
        # Get the search term and tag
        term = search_term[0]
        tag = search_term[1]
        # Find all instances of the search term in the page text
        if case_sensitive == True:
            matches = page.search_for(term, quads=False, ignore_case=False)
            matches = page.search_for(term, quads=False, ignore_case=True)
        # Highlight each match in a different color
        for j, match in enumerate(matches):
            color = colors[i]
            highlight = page.add_highlight_annot(match)
            highlight.set_info(fitz.PDF_ANNOT_TEXT, search_term[0])
            highlight.set_info(fitz.PDF_ANNOT_INK, f"{term} : {tag}")

    # Save the updated page
    print("\n" + Fore.RED + Style.BRIGHT + "Highlighted PDF Generated" + Style.RESET_ALL)
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