I can't find the IDLE in my python file

I started using python 1 day ago and I’m learning through a video of a person who taught using python 3.6.0, the problem is that we are already on 3.11.0. In the video the guy opens idle but in the new version of python file folder I can’t find this program. if you can help me I appreciate it.

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If you’re using Windows you’ll find it on the main Windows program menu under Python 3.11.

not here

I was talking about the program menu you get when you click on the icon on the lefthand end of the Windows taskbar.

After clicking the Windows button, there recent/used lists and then an alphabetical list. Python 3.xx is under P. Click that and IDLE is one of about 5 entries. Alternatively, enter IDLE in the search bar and you should see IDLE 3.11, like I do, along with other versions I have. Once I have IDLE on the taskbar, I right click it and pin it to the taskbar since I use it daily.

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Or you can press win + s and search for IDLE. That usually does the trick.

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