I created some python tutorials

As someone who is new to creating tutorials for learning python, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the ones I’ve done so far, if anyone find these tutorials helpful and useful as a newbie or beginner python developer, feel free to share them with other people.


  1. I watched about a minute of this but there’s no voiceover so I’m not going to continue as I won’t learn anything from this. You didn’t explain why you are doing each step.
  2. By their very nature, technical tutorials are a bit dry, and without music to distract the user. And some people won’t like the music.
  3. I also use Youtube in Windowed mode in my browser so I can’t read the code anyway.
  4. That’s likely copyrighted music so you could get a strike on YT.
  5. That’s good that you provided a link to the source code.
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Hi, I understand that each step was not explained properly, which is why my future videos will explain in more detail. I use copyright-free music for my videos from the youtube audio library.

Wow, I’ve heard that song before and it sounded very well done! If it’s free, well done to you and the artist! :slight_smile: