I downloaded python 3.12 but there is no pip in it

I downloaded python 3.12 and during the setup I click on the option where pip would be also installed but when I type in the command it says that “no module named pip” is found.

Pip is installed, but it is not on your PATH - Python probably isn’t either. You need to ask the installer to put them on the PATH during installation if you want to be able to use the programs from the command line. It doesn’t do this automatically because:

  1. There is a separate, better tool for managing the python command on Windows;

  2. The way that Windows organizes programs means that every Python version would need a separate PATH entry, and there are surprising limits on the total PATH length that can cause strange problems.

Try using py -m pip - this tells that “better tool” to find Python for you, and use that Python to run Pip (Pip is implemented in Python).

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