I have a question blocked

Hi everyone,

I have a question asked this morning and still awaiting, I am definitely not a bot :slight_smile: Could someone help me please?


do not you have a suspicious link or text inside the question?

I do not see your question if you still see your question you can try to post a link to it here? The only thing we can do here is to ask for a moderator attention.

I cannot access it either but the link is:


It does not contain anything sensitive, just code + gdb output of a crash.

I cannot access the post either. I have asked for a moderator attention.

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Fortunately, I always save something before sending it to anywhere. I have reasked the question here → Python `3.11` frame structure and various changes. Same one worked, not sure how…

Anyway, we can discard the old one.


Reposting blocked things is just as likely to make the system even more strict with you, so don’t do that. We get notifications already when things are blocked by the system, no need to open a post about it.