%i insteand of %d in formatting

For the formatting, why shouldn’t we have %i instead of %d so that we’ll get a more suggestive indication for the fact that we convert any numeric value into an integer?

Python more or less just follows the (ancient) C-style printf codes, so you can, in fact:

In [1]: print("%i" % 10)

But really, for new code, f-strings are preferable to % formatting in almost any instance.


It’s easier to remember that it’s %d for decimal vs %x for hexadecimal.

Internationalisation being the situation where you cannot use f strings.

Even then you could use .format, no? That would still be preferable to positional % formatting (IMO).

I think that works now, it used to not be supported by xgettext.
But I have not checked recently.

By design f string can never work for internationalisation.

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