I loaded down the latest version for Windows but the computer does not install it, what is to do?

The version 3.12 cannot be installed on Windos 10 nor 11.
How can I fix it? Thank you.

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What error message are you seeing?

If you want help, you will need to provide a few more details. Otherwise basically the only response we can give is “well, it works on my machine”, which doesn’t really help you.

Does the documentation help you? See 4. Using Python on Windows — Python 3.12.1 documentation

After downloading it, exactly what steps did you take? What did you see as a result, and why does that seem wrong?

Hi, I get the message that it is impossible to initialize the PRN.

I used the prompt key and typed print(“Hallow World”) and got the message that the computer cannot initialize the PRN.

You are not inside of a python REPL, you need to first type python so that you get >>> as the promt instead of the path. Then print("Hello world") works. (if you don’t get an error in after typing python)


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