I need help to make this code work

can anyone help me make this code work:

program reads the width and height of a wall, calculates its area and amount of paint needed

import random

height = [2, 2.34, 3, 3.45, 4, 6, 10.2]

width = [15, 100, 6.67, 3.99, 5.67, 2.67, 200]

removes 2 values from this list

random_height = random.sample(height, 1)

random_width = random.sample(width, 1)

Turn into square meters

square_meters = [random_height * random_width for random_heigh,random_width in zip[(height, width)]

divided by the total area of the ink

amount of ink = square_meters[ * 2]

print(f With a wall of {random height:.2f} height x {random width:.2f} width\nYou will need {quantity_paint:.2f} of paint buckets.')

How are we supposed to help if we don’t know what’s wrong with it?

And please format the code, as explained in the pinned topic.

check your spelling. random_heigh <> random_height

sorry! I’m trying to calculate the height * width but it’s giving me an error:

  • when i print I am receiving this message:
    typeError: unsupported format string passed to list.__format

  • What Im trying to do:
    random_height * random_width

that was a translation error. I originally didn’t write this code in English.

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