I need help to sign the CLA license!

When I was making a Pull Request for CPython, I was asked to sign the CLA license and redirect to cpython-clabot.herokuapp.com, but I couldn’t access it. What is the solution?

Depending on where you are, it’s possible that the heroku site is blocked (I’m seeing reports that it is blocked in China for instance). This seems like a good reason to find some other way of providing the CLA, as it excludes a whole lot of people.

It can be submitted manually


Oh, thank you.

No, CPython’s bots do not recognize manual submissions!

[Here]( gh-117563: Add null pointer judgement by xk2013 · Pull Request #117575 · python/cpython (github.com))

I expect that behind the manual form is a manual process, that runs in “office hours”, US time.