I Need To Be Pointed in the Right Direction

Hello Everyone,


I know this is super last minute but I need help save asking chat gpt I was wondering if I could ask if someone knows where I am going wrong with this code?:…???

def main ():

value = 0

input(‘Enter temperature in Farenheit:’)

value = input

def reaumur ():

value - 32 / .44

return (value)

print (‘The converted tempereature amount is:’, value)

main ()

this is the return to the console after compiling:

Enter temperature in Farenheit:12
The converted temperature amount is:


I keep getting this back top the console so Im thinking that it has something to do with the value not being passed to the reaumnur conversion operation…right?

There are probably many things here that don’t make sense, but before we can talk about the code properly, we need to see it properly. Please read the sticky and make sure the code appears as you actually have it.

Although it was written for Python2, the concepts are still valid; the major difference is that with Python3, print() is a function call, so when you see a code line such as:

print "You can concatenate two " + "strings with the '+' operator."

… you’ll need to keep that in mind and change print to print(), so:

print("You can concatenate two " + "strings with the '+' operator.")

That’s quite old now though. I would recommend that people learn with something that doesn’t need to be translated. Why put unnecessary barriers in someone’s way?

Here’s a newer tutorial: The Python Tutorial — Python 3.11.3 documentation


Yes, it is and so am I :grin:

I learned Python3 by first learning Python2 and adapting the code, but maybe that’s just the way my head works – I have a ‘why’ kind or a mindset, rather than simply a ‘how’.