I wanted to find the area of a triangle but again and again error is coming

h = float(input( “Enter the height of the triangle:”)
b = float(input( " Enter the base of the triangle:")
area = (1/2bh)
print(" The area is:", area)

This is a decent base.

What error did you get? I’m expecting SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing, but it will also show you a pointer (a ^ character) pointing to where it encountered the error. If you try again using Python 3.10 it will actually tell you SyntaxError: '(' was never closed and show you which one wasn’t closed.

If your error was something else, do please tell us :slight_smile:

Also, a tip for using forums like this one: use a set of triple backticks (```) on its own line before and after your code block to make it nicely formatted. For example, in what you posted I see area = (1/2bh) with an italicized b, but I expect what you actually had there was area = (1/2*b*h).

Thanks … it worked … i didn’t close ‘(’