I was wondering how to display a multi nested dictionary in a windows application

I’m new to Python and I have written a program that uses a multi nested dictionary. I was wondering how to display that in a windows app. Is the dictionary supported or do I need to use a list or some other structure? I’m kinda assuming that I will have to use one of the other tools like PyQT but was hoping someone would know in here unless there is another forum I should be in. TIA

What do you mean by “display”, and what do you mean by “app”? Exactly what needs to happen?

“supported” by what exactly?

What exactly are you comparing PyQT to? Certainly not to Python itself. That is like comparing a brand of tires to a brand of car.

Karl, I have a python program that read a csv file into a dictionary. I’d like to have an application that I can put on my windows desktop that when you click on it, it displays the data in a table or view in a nice formatted manner that you can then search and scroll thru. I saw no way to do that strictly in python in a windowed environment, that’s why I mentioned PyQT because that seemed to give me the functionality to build a windows app. I was comparing PyQT to other programs out there that seemed to provide a windowed functionality. Thank for any help, I’m a little new to this