IDLE editing window no longer works

IDLE editing window no longer works

after installation of Python 3.9 on Windows 10, IDLE worked fine

As PIP was not recognized and I could not install Matplotlib
I installed PIP with
"C:\Users\xxx>py -m pip install SomePackage "
(note that the command " C:\Users\xxx>python -m pip install SomePackage " does not work )

Everything worked normally afterwards, and IDLE too.

But the next day after rebooting the computer, I don’t have the command “open with IDLE” anymore, the edit window doesn’t appear, only the console appears.

I reinstalled Python and the problem remains (Matplotlib is still present)

None of the possible causes listed in “IDLE — Python 3.9.1 documentation” are affected or correct the problem

here also the command “python -m idlelib” in the console, does not work and returns “python is not found” but the command “py -m idlelib” works fine

Thank you for your help

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When you say, ‘no longer works,’ what exactly do you mean? The window doesn’t open? It opens, but you can’t do anything with it?

Hi …Thank you
n fact, when I made a right click on my file
file, I couldn’t see the mention “open with IDLE”.
But 2 days ago someone on another forum told me that you have to check the “path” box when you install Python and now it works correctly.
I have to put my post in “resolute”.
thank you all the same